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Welcome to the homepage of Klaartje Bruyn

What's to be found on this homepage? A whole bunch of stuff...There's a large section about my profession (I'm a signwriter. Not exactly sure what that means? Go check it out. Sorry, in Dutch.), a site about a long trip by motorcycle (I'm afraid again in Dutch, but there are pictures), and some silly stuff, like a page about a cartoon animal, and about my pinball machine. There's some games you can play.
There's also pictures of all three of my motorcycles. And yet more. Scroll down and check it out.
NEW : the Little Mole Post Office! Send a digital card or pick one up.

If you're into books, Bookcrossing is for you. Check it out!

To the different sections of my homepage:

My work. My own company's homepage. (Dutch) About a cartoon caracter. With birthday calendar and free cards! NEW Come and see my pinball machine! To the Travelsite. About a long motorcycle trip I took in 2000. (Dutch)
Links to interesting and useful stuff. (Dutch) My bikes...all three of them.

My earthware collection. Fifties and sixties.

Tiger pics and animated gifs.


My pets. Feline and aquatic. Sitemap. (Dutch)

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Fancy playing a game? Try these.
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Hangaroo. No kangaroos were harmed in the creation of this Hangman variation.

Make the winking jelly blobs play hopscotch 'till there's only one left.

Round up the sheep by following them around with your cursor.

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Why? Because it's a fine little browser, open source, and pretty fast. Run, lizard, run.

What do you mean by 'any browser'?Tell me more about K-Meleon.

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